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Upper Llanos Prescribed Burn Association

The Upper Llanos Prescribed Burn Association (ULPBA) is a proactive conservation organization based in Kimble County, Texas whose goal is to enhance the productivity of the land and provide more water to the aquifer by reducing runoff, erosion and competition from ashe juniper while simultaneously reducing wildfire fuels.  We believe that prescribed range burning has historically proven to be the best and most cost-effective practice to promote this goal on a scale large enough to have a perceptible impact.  ULPBA members realize that fire is both a productive and potentially dangerous tool and have agreed to seek training and guidance to make their participation in this practice safe and effective.  ULPBA exists to promote and assist its membership but does not have the authority to sanction nor conduct a prescribed burn.  Even though the Association has no regulatory authority, the members have agreed to adhere to established guidelines in in order to demonstrate due diligence.

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Lewis Allen, President 325-206-2915
Sam Jetton, Vice President 325-446-2440


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