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Portal Framework

The Prescribed Fire Management (PFM) Portal provides convenient access to information and resources on general concepts and applications of prescribed fire management. Portal users (students, landowners, land managers, extension agents, and contractors) will be acquainted with prescribed fire best-management practices to achieve desirable land management goals. The PFM Portal was designed to increase statewide fire management capacity to improve rangeland conditions, forage productivity, and wildlife habitats. The PFM Portal also supports local burning associations by providing online Prescribed Fire Training, the sharing of information and resources, and hands-on educational training opportunities. Those who successfully complete the prescribed fire training can reduce the number of classroom instructional hours required by the Texas Prescribed Burn Board certification program.


Prescribed burning associations are organized landowner cooperatives that are user owned, controlled and operated. Burn associations share knowledge, experience and equipment among contributing members to increase the application and safety of prescribed fire as a management tool. A prescribed burning association can significantly reduce risks through increased experience, knowledge and available resources.

Experience has shown that locally run burn associations are more efficient in accomplishing prescribed burns because they can organize the required labor and support quickly within the often narrow window of desired weather conditions.


The resources provide an abundance resources, documents, and links on Prescribed Fire Management and Techniques that may be beneficial to the Learner. The agency website links connect you to the various state and federal agencies homepage or prescribed fire websites. The library resource provides an array of documents and current literature findings.

Agency Resources