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The nine PowerPoint Presentations provided herein are designed to provide Learners with the information, knowledge, and skills regarding prescribed burning standards, policy, law, fire behavior, weather, burning techniques, and safety. The presentation titled Historic and Current Role of Fire in Burn Region 1 covers information that is specific to Burn Region 1.

Please note that in order to qualify for the Prescribed Burning Board Burn Manager Certification training, Learners must attend a Burn School. The Texas Department of Agriculture provides a list of the certified instructors.

The Prescribed Burn Board Training Requirements are as follows. However, please note that the presentations provide herein do not address the required information for ALL 30 required contact hours.

Lectures Minimum Number of Hours
Fire History and Use; Ecological Effects 1
Fire Behavior 2
Fire Weather 4
Fuel Moisture/Characteristics 2
Topographic Influences 1
Fire Effects 2
Planning the Burn 4
Equipment and Safety 1
Firing Techniques 1
Smoke Management 1
Laws and Regulations 2
Subtotal 21 hours
Field Training Minimum Number of Hours
Equipment and Safety 1
Evaluation of pre burn area(s) 1
Evaluation of fuels 2
Burn and post burn activities 5
Subtotal 9 hours
Total Contact Hours: 30